Why Would I Need A Commercial Generator?

Generators are absolute necessities in situations of remote power generation, disaster aid, and construction, but they vary in technical specifications and power generation methods. So what exactly is a commercial generator, and who needs one? If you’re in the market for something more robust than your residential 20-kW generator, or simply need professional help maintaining your generator, here’s what you should know.

What is a Commercial Generator?

“Commercial” typically means something that’s above residential-grade quality for toughness or capacity. Typically a commercial generator is one that can create more than 20 kilowatts (kW) and is more rugged than the ones you’ll find for providing electricity for your home or tailgate. They’re built to stand up to severe weather as well as handle intense energy demands without failing.

Commercial generators typically don’t run on gasoline, either, meaning the burden of sourcing fuel is on you, but the generators are typically more efficient depending on the setting and manufacturer. Regardless of efficiency, industrial generators output at least 25kW of power up to 150kW.

Types of Commercial Generators

The two main categories of industrial generators are diesel fuel generators and natural gas generators. Diesel generators require, obviously, diesel fuel to run. This makes them a convenient source of power for remote locations due to the portability of the fuel, but diesel has its drawbacks. Besides the need for constant refueling, diesel that’s stored on-site can become stagnant, creating sludge and solids that can ruin the engine if not properly maintained or filtered on a regular basis. Diesel generators can come with capacities from 18 kW all the way to 2 megawatts.

Natural gas generators run off pre-established natural gas lines, meaning there’s no need to worry about refueling, but your generator is limited to where companies have run gas lines. Natural gas generators typically reach power outputs of 18 kW to 1,000 kW.

Who Needs Commercial Generators?

People who live in rural areas with large electrical needs might be in the market for an industrial generator. However, many industrial generators cannot be moved without the help of machinery like a forklift or crane, which means that the average person can likely get by with a natural gas-powered generator for backup power in inclement weather or other unforeseen scenarios.

The commercial generators serviced and sold by Wolverine Electrical represent construction sites, large developments, and businesses whose electricity is essential to the function of their goals. We provide the best warranties, service contracts, and standby generators to hundreds of clients throughout South Michigan and Michiana.

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