Electrical for your home can sometimes require the expertise of a certified electrician. When electrical work is beyond your skill or you need specialized knowledge, our team can help. At Wolverine Electrical Contracting, we can recommend the best in high-quality materials and ensure you get the most out of your electrical service for years to come. We can work with your home’s needs, whether current or future, to make sure you achieve your ideal electrical setup. Our residential electrical services include:

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Contracting

What is the difference between residential and commercial installation?

Residential contracting typically involves single-family homes with wiring in romex where commercial work is business and multifamily dwellings typically installed with conduit.

What is residential electrical contracting?

Residential electrical contracting is the installation, repair and maintenance of residential homes and properties.

Can my pets be home when you work on my service?

Pets can be home while we are completing work. We do recommend them being out of the way or set aside in a different room.

Can you send me daily updates on my service?

Generac and Kohler both have remote monitoring systems that you can check the status of the generator at any time anywhere if it's connected to the internet.

What type of wire is used in residential wiring?

Residential wiring is typically done with romex. A combination of all wiring types can be used as well.

Will my internet be affected?

Your internet will only be affected if power to the home is shutoff to make installation safe.

What does a residential electrical contractor do?

Residential contractors do anything related to homes including new installations, remodels, and service-type work.

Can I do the electrical installation myself?

The state of Michigan does allow homeowners to pull their own permits. It does have to be for your primary residence. If it is a second home, rental, or flip-house the work has to be done by a licensed professional.

Do I need a permit?

A permit is needed for electrical work in the state of Michigan. A permit can be obtained by a homeowner for their primary residence or by a licensed contractor.

Will my plumbing be affected?

Plumbing is not normally affected by electrical work. If a plumbing fixture is added such as a new water heater there may be some electrical work required.

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