If you own a business or commercial building and live in an area prone to power outages, you understand that disruptions in your building’s electrical service can cause costly losses. Standby generators are one of the most effective ways to protect your assets and ensure your business can continue running as it needs to. At Wolverine Electrical Contracting, we offer a full array of standby generator services for all your commercial needs. These include:

Frequently Asked Questions about Generators

What is a generator?

A generator provides power in the event that utility power is lost for a certain amount of time.

What kind of generators do you work with?

Generac and Kohler are our two most frequently worked with brands.

Do generators produce AC or DC?

Most residential and commercial generators we deal with produce AC voltage.

What size generators do you work with?

We are factory certified to install and service generators up to 150KW.

How do I know what size generator I need?

When we come out to do a site visit, we take note of your appliances and other things that require electricity. We also check with you to ensure which items are necessary during an outage and which are not. We are then able to calculate the correct size your generator should be to meet your needs and remain the most cost-effective.

Can I install a generator myself?

Unless you hold a valid electrical license, mechanical license, and have pulled permits we do not recommend installing a generator on your own. Improper installation can result in disastrous consequences.

Do you repair generators?

We repair most makes and models of generators as long as parts are available. Our technicians are thorough, experienced, and they take regular courses with our manufacturers to stay up to date.

How long will my generator take to install?

Typically a generator install only takes one day!

How often should my generator receive maintenance?

Both Generac and Kohler recommend regular maintenance (once a year) to remain in prime condition when you need your generator most.

Do you install generators?

We sell, install, and service generators! We hold the electrical contracting licensed required for installalso hold a mechanical license which allows us to install the required fuel piping to run the generator.

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