Residential Electrical Service Changes

It’s important to both your safety and your wallet to make sure your home can properly handle your electrical needs. If your home needs upgrades or changes to its electrical hardware, a certified electrician can help.

What are Residential Electrical Service Changes?

If you live in an older home, it’s possible that your electrical panel is outdated, too small, or maybe even dangerously degraded. Additionally, exterior meters and electrical wiring can become damaged or worn over time from rust or corrosion. In some cases, even newer homes can have poor electrical layouts using subpar materials. In any case, a certified electrician can upgrade your service panel and meter, or even adjust, repair, or upgrade your internal electrical wiring so your home has the electrical power it needs.

Why Would I Need a Certified Electrician For Residential Electrical Service Changes?

Even the handiest homeowners should consult a certified electrician when doing significant rewiring or upgrading service panels or meters. A certified electrician can ensure the highest level of safety for your home and also determine the correct meter and electrical panel for your home’s needs. A certified electrician can also ensure your electrical service is up-to-code and has the proper permits for your area. And finally, a certified electrician can help you select the right materials to ensure you get long-term use out of your electrical service upgrade.

What Residential Electrical Services Changes Can a Certified Electrician Provide?

A certified electrician can help upgrade or repair virtually every aspect of your home’s electrical service. This can include:

  • Internal and external wiring
  • Electrical panels
  • Meters

Our team can also help you select the right equipment for your home’s current and future needs.

Why Choose Wolverine Electrical Contracting?

At Wolverine Electrical Contracting, we can help you transform your home’s electrical service with high-quality materials and the most experienced electrical contractors in the Grand Rapids and Niles areas. With full licensing in both Michigan and Indiana, our certified electricians can perform a quality job with a parts and labor warranty that we stand behind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Electrical Service Changes

How often should breakers be replaced?

Breakers should be replaced every 30 to 40 years.

What is the lifespan of a breaker box?

The average lifespan of a breaker panel is 30 to 40 years.

Can lights and receptacles be on the same circuit?

Lights and receptacles can be on the same circuit.

What is the life expectancy of electrical wiring in a house?

50 to 70 years is the general rule of thumb but can need to replaced sooner in some instances.

What is the most common electrical wire in a house?

12-2 NM cables is the most common type of wire in a residential house.

Does old wiring need to be replaced?

Older wiring without a ground may need to be replaced at times.

How do I know if my breaker box needs to be replaced?

If you can't fit any more circuits in it, if the main breaker trips, or the physical condition has declined.

Can one bad outlet affect others?

Yes, one bad outlet can affect another. Most wiring is daisy chained to each other. Connections at one location can go bad and cause something down stream to loose power.

How many outlets can be on a 20-amp circuit?

This depends on the load at each outlet.

How many outlets can be on a breaker?

This depends on the load of each outlet.

How often does the electrical code change?

The electrical code is updated every three years.

How often should electrical be updated in a house?

Electrical should be updated as needed. Certain code requirements may determine this.

How do you tell if a breaker needs to be replaced?

Breakers may need to be replaced if they trip without cause, the breaker has a burning odor, or there's audible sizzling or cracking.

What happens when breakers go bad?

When a breaker goes bad, they stop working and a circuit may lose power.

How do you tell if wiring needs to be replaced?

If the wiring is old and in poor shape or if it doesn't have a grounding conductor.

What is considered outdated wiring?

Wiring without a ground is considered outdated to current standards.

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