Electrical Services for Cannabis Industry

Growing cannabis at a large scale requires specialized knowledge and industrial-grade materials. A certified electrician can help install, service, and repair growing lights and other climate-control systems in your warehouse facility or greenhouse.

What Are Electrical Services for Cannabis Industry?

Cannabis requires specific environmental and lighting technology. If you’re growing cannabis at a large scale, a certified electrician can help set up your warehouse facility or greenhouse with technologies like grow lights, circulation, climate control, and many more. Where it’s essential that your cultivation keeps producing, a certified electrician can help ensure you provide the best, most stable environment with reliable, industry-leading technology.

Why Would I Need a Certified Electrician For Cannabis Electrical Services?

With the many regulations in place that oversee the cultivation of cannabis, it’s essential to make sure that your warehouse facility or greenhouse remains up-to-code. A certified electrician can not only help you achieve the right growing environment for your product, but they can also help ensure you have the proper permits and hardware in place. Additionally, since cannabis cultivation facilities can draw very high, industrial-grade voltages, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable expert who can ensure your facility can safely and effectively handle your electrical needs.

What Cannabis Electrical Services Can a Certified Electrician Provide?

A certified electrician can provide a wide variety of cannabis-specific electrical services, as well as services for your commercial building. These can include:

  • Grow lights
  • Climate control
  • Circulation and extractor fans
  • Environmental monitoring and maintenance systems
  • Security systems
  • Standby generators
  • Surge protectors
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Outdoor lighting

Why Choose Wolverine Electrical Contracting?

At Wolverine Electrical Contracting, our experienced team of certified electricians can help you meet your business’s needs. Fully licensed in both Michigan and Indiana, we offer decades of industry experience and high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting job. We proudly serve the Grand Rapids and Niles areas as a leading electrical contractor in the cannabis industry. We even offer a parts and labor warranty so you can feel confident in your investment in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical for the Cannabis Industry

What electrical services do you provide for cannabis cultivation operations?

We work on all things electrical pertaining to cannabis cultivation including services, lighting, grow equipment etc…

What kind of businesses do you support within the cannabis industry?

We support cannabis grow and dispensaries.

Do grow lights raise electric bills?

Depending on the type of light and quantity your electric bill can increase.

How do you ensure compliance with local electrical codes and regulations specifically related to cannabis operations?

We’re a state-licensed electrical contractor. We also work closely with our cannabis clients and state inspectors to ensure installs are code-compliant.

Do you offer emergency electrical services for cannabis businesses in case of outages or system failures?

We do offer emergency services.

Are you experienced in setting up electrical systems for both indoor and outdoor cannabis farms?

We are experienced in indoor and outdoor grow farms.

Do you provide maintenance services for electrical equipment used in cannabis cultivation?

Depending on the type of electrical equipment, yes.

Can you upgrade existing electrical systems to support the expansion of cannabis operations?

Yes, you can upgrade existing systems to meet the demand of an expanding operation. This typically starts with the building’s main service capacity.

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Wolverine has done a lot of electrical work both inside and out to help get our restaurant open and looking great. Thanks Gerry and team for a pleasant and professional experience.
Nate B.
We use Wolverine for all our electrical needs. They are reasonably priced and work is always completed to our satisfaction. We have had visits for power outages, new panels, extra outlets, you name it. We recently had a hot tub delivered and knew we could trust Wolverine to provide us with safe and timely service.
Molly B.
Over the years we have used Wolverine Electric many times. From the first use it was apparent that their knowledge and experience. With electrical work and lighting was top notch, won’t hesitate to use them again!
Randy K.

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