The Advantages of Being an Electrician

An electrician is a job that attracts many people because it combines the love of science and engineering with practical skills. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about what being an electrician entails, and it may surprise you to learn about the many benefits. With so many career paths available, it can be difficult to choose one that fits all your wants and needs. Here are some of the advantages of being an electrician and pursuing a career with our team at Wolverine Electrical Contracting.

1. Variety

Electricians can work in many various industries. Electrician jobs often deal with a variety of clients, locations, and specialties including private homes, schools, government agencies, etc. Electricians can specialize in areas like residential, commercial, or industrial electrical work. They can even be certified for electrical repairs in hospitals or the military. Additionally, because electricians meet a wide variety of needs, their day-to-day experience is often unique and ever-changing.

2. Excellent Pay

Electricians undergo specialized training (called an apprenticeship) that is significantly less costly than a typical 4-year college or university program. In fact, electricians generally undergo on-the-job training for 2-4 years before attaining journeyman status and immediately entering the workforce. Electricians and trade workers in general generally start out at a much higher wage than other career paths because of their extensive, specialized training.

3. Good Work Environment

Much of an electrician’s job is performed outdoors, in homes, or at businesses. Being an electrician means a significant amount of independence and interaction with other contractors like plumbers or construction workers, as well as clients and customers. For people who enjoy variety, change in environment, and encountering many different people, electrical work can be extremely rewarding.

4. Opportunities For Growth

Electricians and other trade workers typically have a clear-cut career path. Once completing an apprenticeship, electricians typically work as journeymen for at least two years before becoming eligible to attain master status. Master electricians can earn significantly more money than journeyman and are required to maintain specialized licensing like the National Electrical Code. At this point, some master electricians may even specialize into supervisory positions within their company.

5. Job Security

As society becomes more reliant on technology, the need for electricians will never decrease. Electricians are an extremely in-demand resource, meaning they have very good job security and can count on many unique benefits. Many electricians are able to  enjoy a flexible, unique schedule and provide valuable skills and expertise wherever they go. There are also many opportunities to learn new technologies and specializations as electrical needs evolve in order to make yourself even more valuable in your field.

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