Electrician in Walker, MI

Electrical problems can quickly get complicated which is why we recommend turning to a certified electrician rather than a DIY project. Our team of electricians provides electrical services for residential and commercial needs. We have comprehensive knowledge of the latest technologies and have years of experience to ensure safe and reliable electricity in your home or business.

Residential Electrical Services in Walker, MI

Our team can upgrade your home with everything from simple wiring to surge protectors and outdoor lighting installation. We have experience with specialized set-ups for swimming pool and hot tub wiring as well as portable generator installation. We can even install a residential electric car charger to give you the convenience of at-home car charging. Our residential electric services include:

Commercial Electrical Services in Walker, MI

Whether you’re planning for a new construction or need to update old wiring in your commercial space, our electrical contractors have you covered. Our team of licensed electricians can ensure your business stays up and running and keeps your clients happy with quality electrical installation. Your commercial electrical repair and installation services include the following:

Generator Repair and Installation in Walker, MI

Depending on where your home or business is located, you may be more at risk of regular power outages. Long-term power outages can have costly repercussions, but a generator will keep you prepared. Whether you are interested in learning more about generators or need your generator repaired, you can rely on our team of certified, licensed electricians. We offer the following services for generator maintenance, installation, and repair:

Industrial Electrical Services in Walker, MI

Industrial buildings are a large-scale project that often require the work of a licensed electrician to ensure everything is safe and up to code. Our licensed electricians can install and repair electrical work in an industrial setting, including electrical services for the cannabis industry.

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