Electrician in East Grand Rapids

Certified electricians who are experienced with electrical installation and maintenance are a key part of a safe home or commercial environment. Wolverine Electrical Contracting offers a variety of electrical contracting services in East Grand Rapids, Niles, MI, and the northern Indiana areas.

Residential Electrical Services in East Grand Rapids

Properly installed electrical outlets, wires, and appliances ensure a safe home free of worry. Poor electrical work can put your home and your family at risk of an electrical fire, damage, and injury. Our experienced team of electricians offers the following residential electrical services in EGR:

Commercial Electrical Services in East Grand Rapids

Commercial businesses need reliable electricity to run properly and serve their clients or customers. Our certified electricians have installed and repaired electrical work in a variety of commercial settings. Contact us today if you require the following electrical services in EGR:

Industrial Electrical Work in East Grand Rapids

If you own an industrial business or warehouse, it’s important to know your electrical systems are up to code. Industrial settings may also require more advanced or complex technologies and electrical work. Wolverine Electrical Contracting offers electrical services for the cannabis industry in EGR.

Generators in East Grand Rapids

Generators can save you time and money in situations where electricity is not available, or the electricity goes out. We offer a variety of generator types and can help you determine the best one for your needs. Our certified electricians in East Grand Rapids can also help you install, maintain, and repair your generator. We offer the following generator services in EGR:

About East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids is part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area and is home to about 11,000 people. It was first settled by the Reed family in the 1830s and the city continues to pay homage to this history with the Reed Lake area and recreational park. Residents can enjoy small beaches and beautiful walking trails along this lake. EGR is also well-known for the Gaslight Village shopping district and the Kent District library nearby.

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