Electrical Services in Wyoming, MI

With locations in both Niles and Grand Rapids and our Grand Rapids location only about 20 minutes away from Wyoming, residents of Wyoming have access to all the electrical services we provide at Wolverine Electrical Contracting. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians offers residential, industrial, and commercial electrical work and generators.

Residential Electrical Services

The electricity in your home is not something you want to mess with without a good amount of expertise. That’s where we come in at Wolverine Electrical Contracting. When the electrical work you need done is beyond your skill set or you need specialized knowledge for a unique job, our team of licensed electricians is here to help 

Not only can we recommend the best materials and provide top-notch service, but we can also work with what your home’s current needs are or help you meet the needs of the home you’re currently building.

Our residential electrical services include:

Commercial Electrical Services

With the amount of power you need to run the electricity in a business and the money you can lose when your power isn’t on, you only want certified and experienced electricians working on your business. That’s what we offer at Wolverine Electrical Contracting.

We can ensure your commercial building is up to code and that all your electrical needs are being met.

The commercial electrical services we provide include:

Industrial Electrical Services

Perhaps your business needs an industrial-grade level of electrical work. Our team at Wolverine Electrical Construction comes with decades of experience working on the electrical needs of large-scale businesses that can’t afford to have their power going out. We can ensure you stay up and running no matter what type of business you’re running.


While there are lots of problems that can cost a business money, there might be none more costly than losing your power. It can disrupt your business entirely. Fortunately, commercial and industrial standby generators are available to make sure you can keep the lights on. But if they aren’t installed properly, they can do more harm than good.

At Wolverine Electrical Contractors, we guarantee your standby generator is installed correctly and that it gives you all the power your business needs. The generator services we provide include:

About Wyoming, MI

Wyoming, MI is a city in Kent County and has a population of almost 77,000. It’s the second most-populated community in the Grand Rapids Metro area and the largest suburb in Grand Rapids. It has everything from shopping, restaurants, golf courses, parks, and many family-friendly attractions and events.