Electrical Contracting in Forest Hills, MI

Nowadays, electrical power is a part of nearly everything we do daily. Without quality electrical services, work and home life routines are impossible to get through. Seeking a certified, reputable electrical contractor to trust with your home business is imperative to ensuring your space is safely powered through any weather. Wolverine Electrical Contracting has proudly served the Niles and Grand Rapids, MI areas with reliable electrical work for years. Our knowledge extends beyond home or commercial services, and our certified electricians can take on any challenge in order to provide efficient and safe power. Residents of Forest Hills, MI can trust Wolverine Electrical for all their electrical contracting services.

Our Services

Our team of electricians is equipped with over 30 years of continuous experience and training. They provide quality electrical work to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces alike. Along with long-lasting work and maintenance services, we put our clients first, and are willing to work within your budget and plan around your finances:


Investing in long-lasting, quality electrical work is essential for your home. Wolverine Electrical offers top-notch residential services to keep your home functioning at top speeds consistently. Whether you need help inside the home or out, our highly qualified, professional electricians can improve your emergency systems and update your existing electrical systems. We offer everything from pool and hot tub wiring to electric car charging installations. Check out a comprehensive list of our services below:


Every business needs quality electricity they can rely on to keep operations running smoothly, and our expert electricians are fully trained and equipped to handle the electrical work for your commercial enterprise. Our dedicated team not only provides state-of-the-art electrical work but can work with you and your budget to explore different options to optimize your investment. Whether you’re starting from the ground up with new commercial construction or are hoping to reinvent your business with a commercial remodel, Wolverine Electrical will guide you every step of the way. Our commercial services also include:


Electrical work for larger industrial operations requires its own unique set of skills. Wolverine Electrical’s expert team is equipped and experienced in providing quality industrial-level electrical work. Our quality work can safely optimize your industrial space with the latest advancements in electrical work. No matter the unique requirements of your industry, our electricians can help you create out-of-the-box solutions that improve your efficiency while keeping your systems up-to-code. Our budget-friendly electrical work for the cannabis industry constantly incorporates the latest electrical advancements.


For everyday power and in case of an emergency, a quality generator can make or break your electrical services no matter the construction type. Wolverine Electrical offers a variety of different generator models suited to a unique array of needs. From the initial sale to annual maintenance, our reputable team can help you maintain your generator for years to come. Further generator services include:

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Our electricians are compliant with the National Electrical Code and licensed to service Michigan and Indiana. If you’re starting a new project or seeking to update your current systems, Wolverine Electrical is eager to help you optimize power in your space. To request a quote or learn more about options for your space, contact our Grand Rapids, MI office or fill out our online contact form.