Lighting Design Tips for New Homes: Creating Ambiance and Functionality

Some people love the interior design elements of the past, sticking with the original fixtures that came with their house. Others want to completely renovate their space to make it their own but have issues figuring out what changes to make along the way, especially when it comes to certain design elements like lighting. If you fall into the latter category, Wolverine Electrical can offer helpful insight into lighting your remodel or addition that will help you establish the ambiance you want and promote greater functionality.

Consider Your Personal Style and Which Modern Trends Align With It

Ambiance relies heavily on personal style, which is why it’s crucial to define your own when you’re figuring out what kind of lighting to include in your space. Are you someone who likes a sleek and modern ambiance? If so, tapping into the brassy and streamlined lighting fixtures that abound today can be an excellent way to decorate and light your space. Are you someone who prizes eco-friendly designs? You’d be surprised to see how many lighting options there are using natural materials that can easily be integrated into your interior design vision. Figure out what your personal style is then find lighting options that best represent that.

Do You Want Bright Spaces or More Intimate and Relaxing Areas?

Lighting sets the mood of your room, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in each space. For example, your kitchen is likely a space where you want light to pour in, which means that you should focus simultaneously on ensuring that you have enough natural lighting coming in and using bright light fixtures throughout your space, which may include sconces, floor lamps, and even more complex pieces like small chandeliers that hang over the table. If you’re creating a more intimate space like an outdoor gathering area where you can relax alone or with friends and family, selecting lighting options like recessed lighting or floor lighting with dimmers can help you create the ambiance you’re looking for. Think about fashion and function regardless of the spaces you’re designing. You want something that suits your space and is easy to install and operate so that you can enjoy it to its fullest.

Never DIY Your Own Lighting

There are many areas of renovation new homeowners can tackle with their own DIY projects to flex their creative muscles or save a few bucks. However, lighting is one of the many projects you should never do if you don’t have prior experience as an electrician. Not knowing which wiring to use for a home, how to safely design lighting fixtures, or how to make sure your lighting is properly installed can quickly turn your DIY project into a major fire and safety risk. If you have some unique ideas you want to incorporate into your space, leave it to the professionals.

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