6 Electrical Issues to Watch Out For This Winter

With the colder months keeping us indoors more often, taking extra care of your electrical systems is essential to avoid house fires or other costly issues. There are many reasons to keep up with your electrical systems now or at any time of year. Here are a few common electrical issues to be aware of:

1. Kitchen Lighting

One of the more well-known electrical hazards can happen in your kitchen and cause expensive smoke damage. Kitchen lighting can cause an electrical fire because of a surge or short circuit. And because the kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, it’s important to give this space some extra attention. If you have any lights or appliances in your kitchen, make sure to put in some surge protectors and monitor the system.

2. Unused Appliances

Many people will leave their appliances on when they are not in use, but this can also be an issue for your electrical system. Unused appliances should be unplugged to avoid any risks of overheating or malfunction that could lead to an electrical fire. This could also include powering down your computer or an extensive entertainment system if you only use them briefly. Not only will this reduce your risk of electrical issues, but also help you save on the electricity bill!

3. Avoid Overcrowding Receptacles and Extension Cords

One of the most common ways people cause electrical hazards in their homes is by overloading receptacles and extension cords. You will want to avoid plugging too many devices into one receptacle since this can cause an electrical overload that may start a fire in your home. This is especially important to remember during the winter if you have lights and decorations set up for the holidays.

4. Keep Ventilation Open

Because of how they are shuttered and hidden, ventilation areas are common places where electrical fires occur. In your home, ventilation areas include the inside walls where your electrical wires go and even air ducts that may need to be directly ventilated to the outside.

5. Broken Receptacles

If you put a power strip in your home, keep it free of obstructions or damage. Broken outlets are a common cause of electrical hazards because the wires may be exposed and it could be dangerous to plug an appliance into the receptacle. You should also avoid putting anything on the bottom of your extension cords that could come into contact with the plug because this can generate too much heat in the extension cord or receptacle, damaging the system.

6. Ensure Your Fuse Box is Working Properly

Your fuse box is a vital component in your electrical system, but it is also one that many homeowners forget to check on regularly since it is often outdoors or out of the way. A blown fuse or electrical problem in this component can cause dangerous sparks and create a hazard in inclement weather and electric shock.

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